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Cutting Tool Blanks

Due to the extrordingary high concentration of atomic hydrogen produced by the arc discharge, cutting tool blanks fabiricated by DC arc Plasma Jet usually have a substancially higher thermal conductivity than those by other techniques even at a relatively high growth rate. This is apparently favourable for heavy load high speed cutting operations. Very low friction coefficient, higher fracture strength and fracture toughness, very high thermal oxidation resistance, in combination with the higher thermal comductivity, should make it to be an ideal material for high performance cutting. Besides, as a polycrystalline material, it is also orientation independent.

We have been developing the thick-film CVD diamond technology for seventeen years.Based on the know-how in the synthesis process and a series of quality control measures, now we can provide a series of products of CVD diamond for cutting tools.

·Excellent wear resistance for a longer cutting duration
·Low friction coefficient for reducing the processing machining heat
·Perfect thermal conductivity for decreasing the temperature at the cutting edge
·High fracture strength and toughness for spiccato cutting
·Better dimensional and thermal stability for achieving good cutting quality
CVD diamond cutting tools are widely used for cutting (machining) non-ferrous materials,ceramics,abrasive composites,high silicon-content aluminum alloy,graphite and other difficult machining materials'.

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