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CVD Diamond for dressing tools

Due to the extrordingary high concentration of atomic hydrogen produced by the arc discharge, dressing logs fabiricated by DC arc Plasma Jet usually have a substancially higher thermal conductivity than those by other techniques even at a relatively high growth rate. This is apparently favourable for high speed dressing operations. Higher fracture strength and fracture toughness, high thermal oxidation resistance, in combination with the higher thermal comductivity, should make it to be an ideal material for high performance dressing. Besides, as a polycrystalline material, it is also orientation independent.

CVD diamond dresser blanks produced by ourcompany using DC Arc Plasma Jet  is suitable for all dresser types - single point, multipoint, blade, rotary, roller etc. The choice of the size of dresser is determined by the application and suitable dimensions can be recommended on request.
Tool fabrication
Our CVD diamond dresser blanks have outstanding thermal properties and very high thermal oxidation resistance. It is ideal for secure mounting when using traditional non-ferrous metal sintering. Alternatively, the CVD diamond dressers can be brazed  onto a dresser body using an active braze alloy in a non-oxidizing environment.
·High wear resistance to chipping and fracture
·Uniform wear resistance over the entire length of the dresser
·Performance independent of dressing orientation
·Excellent thermal stability
·Diamond with no binder phase
Our CVD diamond dresser is supplied as rectangular logs in various lengths and the cross section dimensions. CVD diamond dresser products with non-standard dimensions are available on request

    High quality grade; high wear resistance, can be used for the substitutes for the natural and cultured diamond.

Parameters of properties

Vickers hardness




Young's modulus


Thermal conductivity


Chemical stability

insoluble in alkali and acid

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