Thin film coatings by DC Arc Plasma Jet

Thin film coatings by DC Arc Plasma Jet

As compared to HFCVD and MWCVD, one of the advantages for daimond thin coatings on hard metal alloy substrate (cemented carbide) by DC arc Plasma Jet is that the higherdeposition rate may depress the outward diffusion of the cobalt, and is beneficial for promoting the adhesion of the diamond coatings on hard metal substrate. Taking the fulladvantages ofthe DC Arc Plasma Jet, we are successfully developed the technology for adherent dismond thin film coatings on hard metal tool components, as well as on SiCseals, and large size silicon wafers. Particularly, innovative technology for diamond thin film coatings on the inner surface of deep cavity molds and tools has developed, andpotentially can be used in a wide variety application fields.

Diamond thin film coated SiC sealing rings (left) and wire drawing dieswith irregular deep cavity by DC Arc Plasma Jet

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